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WELCOME to Caorle beach!

The beach of Caorle is a strand of golden beach that measures 1700 mt at Levante and 1200 mt at Ponente, from 80 to 300 mt. wide. Due to its extension, to the sea bottom that gradually slopes to the seawater making it safe for children and to the wide service offer, over 600.000 tourists choose every year Caorle beach for their sea holidays. The destination registers over 4 millions tourist numbers and from long time it receives important acknowledgments like Bandiera Blu and Bandiera Verde.

Consorzio Arenili gathers the multiple beach concessions that in the past were managed by single hotels. Today the consortium manages 167.755 sqm of strand.

The main goals of the Consortium – working together with other local authorities that are part of it, like the municipality and some local associations – is to furnish to the beach customers all the useful services – sun umbrellas and sun chairs, entertainment, beach cleaning, etc. – in order to ensure the best experience possible, the environment safeguard and personal security.


24-06-2018 From the 21st of June till the 30th of June, Caorle is the beach of the sculptors with ScoglieraViva

18-06-2018 Piterpan Beach Arena

20-06-2017 APOLLO 4 - The saving life drone of Caorle Beach
The new experimental project employing a drone in the medical healthcare field to save the life of tourists [Continue]

20-06-2017 Nordic Walking and SUP on Caorle beach
Discover the new summer activities on Caorle beach available for the owners of Caorlespiaggia Card [Continue]